FINALLY! Baseball schedules a 6pm Eastern Baseball Playoff Game!

OK resist the narrative here which is being spun as “the Dodgers play at 3pm Pacific and the Rays play at 9pm Eastern”  Ignore that.

Here’s what this really is – and let’s start with the map.

See the dots?  That’s where people live?  See the parts that aren’t colored in?  Those are empty spaces with like 7 baseball fans.

So, resist the narrative and understand how SMART this is.

Game 2: Tuesday, October 13, Braves at Dodgers, FS1 6 p.m.

Game 3: Wednesday, October 14, Dodgers at Braves, FS1 6 p.m.  (Per Awful Announcing)

Good.  These are some of baseball’s more shiny teams.  And guess what, a lot of people in Los Angeles are working from home, they will find a way to follow the game at 3pm Pacific.  They will be OK.

And if not – well, only 16% of the population is in Pacific, vs 47% in Eastern.

So this game will actually be seen by AWAKE PEOPLE.

Now on to the Rays – one of the league’s doormat WHO CARES teams.  They are stuck playing at 9pm.  Tampa draws like 10,000 people so we aren’t losing too many hardcore fans here.

Meanwhile, in the 8th largest TV market, the people of Houston can tune in at 8pm Central and suffer through the sort of schedule those of us in the 47% have to deal with for almost every sporting event.

This is GREAT SCHEDULING by baseball.   More of this, and THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.

Oh, as for me, I won’t be watching any of it.  Baseball is horribly boring and I don’t care about any of these teams.  I will be playing FIFA 21.  Gotta going some FUT.