Dropshadow-era David Wright Mets t-shirt forced into hiding

So I was wearing this well-worn shirt….

This shirt has gotten lots of use over the years.  I was wearing it last night, but then Mrs. Mets Police said “your shirt has holes in it.”

I knew it had holes in it.  I don’t care.  As you can see it is well worn and faded.

But now SHE knows it has holes in it.  You know what happens next, right?  David Wright T-Shirt mysteriously vanishes.  It takes me a few weeks to notice.  I say, “hey have you seen my David Wright t-shirt?”   Nope. Of course not.

So, the David Wright t-shirt is now retired,  Hidden in the back of the bottom drawer.  To be worn at some future unknown occasion when the cool move will be a vintage David Wright t-shirt.

Thank you for your service DW Tee.  I wish I could continue to wear you, but now I must protect you.