Some creative fiction about this Mets headband

Who in the name of Hodges is this for?  Maybe a young kid might find this fun.  Or maybe….just maybe….you’re at a party with your best bro, let’s call him Keith.

You see a chick wearing these….she’s not a 10 but she is wearing these.

Bro, whaddaya think of the one in the Mets antennae?

Go for it man


Yeah, she likes the Mets.

You go over.  You’ve got game.  You hook up with the Mets chick.

The next day you wonder….what’s she really like when she’s not being Mets chick.  She’s kind of annoying and a try-hard, isn’t she.  You break up.

Then you snap to and realize you are in your 50s and you haven’t gone out picking up chicks in a long time.  Not as long as its been since the Mets won the World Series…not much has been that long….but you won’t be out with your bro Keith and you definitely won’t be picking up Mets chicks, and you realize that anyone in your life wearing this is probably really annoying.

Deep psychological problem off-season filler? Deep psychological problem off-season filler.