Mets’ Hall of Famer Mike Piazza suggests running in your underwear

Hey Mike, any workout tips?

When I played baseball, I was never a big cardio guy. I was one of those guys who looked at people on the treadmill and would go, “Look at those geeks.” But now I’m all the way in the tribe, man. I’m just addicted to my treadmill. I love running on it for 30, 45 minutes, doing interval training, doing some sprints, jogging. You just have to start slowly — walking and then jogging. It’s incredible. If I get insomnia, sometimes I run on the treadmill. I just think there’s nothing better than having a treadmill at home, if you can. If you’re going to work, get up half an hour earlier and you can do it in your underwear. (Via

Just watch out for drop-shadow.