Sure is fortunate that COVID test didn’t come in three hours earlier and force a postponement of the World Series

Wow imagine if the COVID tests had come in before the game and MLB would have had to postpone Game 6.

Imagine if the Rays had come back and MLB would have had to postpone Game 7.

That would have been a major major story.

It’s a good thing none of that happened.

I’m still curious why the test result comes out mid-game (maybe they couldn’t keep the lid on it?).  Seems the saliva test came back inconclusive in the second inning?  Were they testing for Game 7?  Shouldn’t we have the tests back BEFORE the game?

It’s even more curious why they let Mr. Turner back on the field.

But hey, we got the game in, the ads were sold, we sold some tickets, the baseball mafia is happy that Arozarena is the greatest postseason player of all time, and the baseball gods punished those who manage by computer.

But wow sure is fortunate that result didn’t come out earlier?  Imagine having to shut down the sport during the World Series.

Some are suggesting that baseball willingly looked the other way on this.  I could see why one might think that, as baseball sometimes in the past has willingly looked the other way on things like 1998.  Baseball doesn’t like to get in the way of a good story, and they made it 99% of the way through a successful bubble.

Some are wondering if they looked the other way on things during the season.

Those people are conspiracy theorists.  Clearly baseball tried to do the best for everyone involved.