Football at Shea – where did the dugouts go?

My Facebook page popped up the Remembering Shea Stadium group which looks like something you would like, and on there I saw a video of NFL Football at Shea Stadium!  I went through the video trying to give you a good look but NBC mainly showed the game rather than worrying about what bloggers in the 21s Century would care about.

Let’s go back to a long time ago when I didn’t hate the Jets (they played 40 blocks from my house!) and they knew how to dress.

For younger fans, the seats at Shea could move and would reconfigure to be football friendly as you can see below.  It was pretty nifty technology….and most importantly this makes for some pretty awesome Off-Season Filler!

Here we see the scoreboard glitching as it ALWAYS did it my memories.

Here are some Jets celebrating that they are playing well in a football game.  I share so you can see some stands.

And the aforementioned seats.

what I still don’t understand after all these yeats is where did the dugouts go?  Did they cover the entry with playwood and put grass over?  How are they just gone?

I don’t mean the shell that keeps the rain off you – the actual underground.  In the dugout there were stairs that led to the underground.  Where did it go during football? Explain!

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