Who is gonna tell Matt Harvey rich women don’t date people with ERAs in the 11s?

Via the Post

A certain NBA heiress appears to have caught Matt Harvey’s attention.

The 31-year-old pitcher, who played with the Kansas City Royals this season, has “liked” a series of Instagram snaps from Mallory Edens, daughter of Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens, per Egotatstic Sports.

Oh Matt…this is so sad….I don’t know how to tell you but those days are over.

When you’re The Dark Knight and starting the All Star Game and posing naked in ESPN Magazine and driving a Maserati, sure you might have access to all that the Big Apple can offer.

But you’re 32 with an 11.57 ERA now.  It’s over Matt.  You no longer have access to the dating pool you once had.

Go home to Connecticut, find a nice local who loves you for you not for your stats line, and find happiness.  Liking the heiress’ posts isn’t the way forward buddy.