Why I don’t care that Uncle Steve2 says he IS bringing Mets Old Timers’ Day back

Uncle Steve2 was on the Wilpon Owned Sports Network (SNY) and had this to say about Old Timers’ Day

“I’m not going to consider it, I’m going to do it.”

There was a time when that would have excited me more than anything and would have been super-core to the mission of this blog.

I’m happy to hear Steve say it, but I am not excited about it.  That speaks to two things – one, the horrible state baseball is in right now.  I have little interest in the actual sport (short version – it is BORING) and two – the malfeasance of the previous regime in building connections between the fans and the team.

Steve doesn’t have a time machine and he’s trying to do all the right things, but it may be too late.  Seeing 67 year old Keith Hernandez stand at 1B is less interesting than seeing 57 year old Keith or 47 year old Keith would have been.  So, I guess we’re looking at seeing – I dunno – 47 year old Edgardo Alfonzo take some plays at second.  Sure, why not.  Maybe 52 year old Mike Piazza can catch some balls between Trump rallies.

And Tom Seaver won’t be there.

My time has past.  A new generation of Mets fans is aging in and they like black uniforms and watching games from 500 feet away from home plate.  It’s not my crowd.  My crowd got gray hair and the Wilpons let us drift away while baseball decided games should be 4 hours long and feature Openers and wacky shifts and 13 pitchers.

So Steve, good job on paper, but I fear it may be too late for us old guys.  I’d suggest you let us die off along with the sport, and see what money you can get from Generation Piazza and The T-Shirt Crowd.   I wish I was excited about this, but I’m just not.  Baseball has become something other than what it once was, and I don’t care about the version that was shown me in the 2010s.