Mike Piazza, Carlos Beltran and the 2020 Mets Turkeys

It’s time once again for your Annual Mets Turkeys.

What to even say?  Plus he blew his shots at 3000 hits and Cooperstown.

But he guaranteed a spot for this next guy…

…the architect of the Cano trade.  Time will tell how badly he may have damaged the franchise for the decade,   He also hired…

You remember Mets manager Carlos Beltran, right?  Speaking of managers….

There were 8 playoff spots.  You didn’t make one of them.  That’s really really unacceptable.  Uncle Steve2, this is really unacceptable, is it not?

Maybe Rojas could have made the playoffs if this guy had pitched…

I won’t begrudge a man for opting-out to keep his family safe, but……. opting-in for a big contract while the COVID numbers were popping makes me really wonder about the initial motives.  Maybe he will opt out to keep his family safe in 2021 which would be wise and consistent.  I’ll remove him from the list when that time comes.

Then there’s this Vulgar Turkey,

If he would just spell things without an F I wouldn’t have to draw so much attention to all the Ks.  Anyway, trade him, while you still can, as his value has already diminished.



You remember when the Mets walked off the field?  Gary claimed they walked off after 42 seconds.  They didn’t.  It was longer. Watch the video in that link.

Where would Gary get 42 from – coincidentally Jackie Robinson’s number – why would he make up that number.  Unless he knew.  And if the broadcast can’t be honest with us, then it’s a turkey.


How about this next guy for attending a Trump Rally?  Yep, I am going to get all political because I am against things like locking kids in cages, and Trump claimed 15 cases would be zero.  Piazza lent his fame to the campaign.  If this paragraph annoys you, feel encouraged to unfollow.  We all choose sides and I’m not picking Trump’s.

And yes I am going to kick this turkey on his way out the door because HE WAITED TOO LONG ON THE SEAVER STATUE, THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE YEARS AGO.  Shame on you.  Now Tom will never see it.

That’s a lot of turkeys for a short season.  Hopefully next year’s post will be about all the little things Steve got wrong about the parade – or even better, there won’t be a next year’s post because the Mets will have won the World Series while nicely dressed, in which case I can wrap up the blog once and for all and head off to save Star Trek from itself.  You can’t even imagine THAT turkey list this year.