An hour to find out Steve Cohen owns the Buckner ball?


When are you guys going to come around and realize….SNY (aka the WILPONS STILL OWN IT CABLE NETWORK) is not that good.  I get you like GKR, but the rest of it including Formerly Mets Blog could be soooooo much better.

I am very glad I did not waste an hour of my like last night on EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH METS OWNER STEVE COHEN because (a) the night before Thanksgiving is the #1 video game night of the year (nowhere to go, nowhere to be, and you can sleep in) and (b) I knew there would be 10,000 recaps.

I have read some of the 10,000 recaps and….

  1.  Steve owns the Buckner ball and will put it in the museum.  That’s all awesome.  That was also on twitter two days earlier.
  2. Steve may bring the black uniforms back into the mix.

That’s it?  An hour?  To get that?

I hope you skipped it too.  There’s the recap.  Yay?