WashPo on Sports’ Gen Z Problem

“I’ve been screaming for 15 years now,” he said. “I would get pushback. Owners, executives, senior-level people say, ‘They will come back at 35.’ Why would they come back at 35 when they were never there in the first place? That’s like saying all of a sudden they’ll all start knitting at 35 or watching cricket at 35. Why would they do that?” (via WashPo)

What problem?  The Baseball Mafia will tell you baseball is better than ever.  Kids love Mike Trout and all those other big time baseball stars

Baseball super-star Mike Trout with his family…or is it?  Maybe that’s not him.  You aren’t sure.

Kids love 4 hour games with Openers and 16 relief pitchers.

Who doesn’t love an 8:30pm start and the struggle to stay awake to see the end of baseball’s biggest games?

Baseball is going to die with Generation X.  Its fate is already sealed.  In the meantime, baseball needs to ask itself how much of Generation X it wants to chase off with the product it has handed in this century – in case you haven’t noticed, I barely care about baseball right now, and I’m at the young end of the fanbase as old as I am.