September 1984: Shea Stadium will NOT be getting turf

An update to April 1984’s news that Shea Stadium would be adding turf.  From the NY Times, November 15, 1984.

The Mr. Esnard that is mentioned was the deputy mayor.

The arrangement between the city and the Mets, announced last April, was to refurbish Shea and install 50 luxury boxes on its press level. The city agreed to spend at least $25 million, including the cost of the artificial surface, and the Mets agreed to extend their lease for 15 years, through 2009.

But Mr. Esnard said yesterday that because of drainage problems, the artificial surface would cost far more than had been expected. He also noted that the Mets were happy with the grass. And because the United States Football League is planning a shift to a fall schedule in 1986, he said, no pro football team would be punishing the natural turf for much of the baseball season, and so an artificial surface is not really necessary.