Mets want you (but not me) to know they signed whoever Trevor May is

Via social media, the Mets announced they signed someone named Trevor May.  Uncle Steve2 did not choose to have his minions send me a press release.

Trevor apparently looks like that, and seems to be a pitcher of sorts. A quick google search, after all, I was not provided a press release, reveals that he finished 4 games in 2020 and had 2 saves.  His WAR, which is a made up thing that millennials like, was 1.0 which I guess makes him better than Vulgar Pete Alonso (Zero point zero).

BTW I was speaking with (Redacted Mets Related Personality) earlier today and (Redacted Mets Related Personality) had also never heard of Trevor May.  However, he was signed by Uncle Steve2 and not the Wilpons so its obviously a great signing even if you guys had no idea who he was until Monday either.

Mr. May is 31 and I guess some sort of middle reliever.  Yay?

Yay for May.