MLB Survey wants to know what we think about Baseball! They won’t like the answers.

Several folks sent me this MLB survey that’s bopping around.  Seems baseball would like to know what we think about baseball.

“Major League Baseball would like to know what you think about the game of baseball and your perceptions of the league, teams, and players.”

The first question asks how I feel about baseball:  Love it, like it etc.  I said “like it.” even though I DON’T like it right now, but I want to be counted as a theoretical baseball fan.

Then some Qs about what age you got into baseball (with 25 and up being the top bracket you could choose from.) – so that’s good, they seem to understand the whole GO FOR KIDS things after losing half the millennials and most of Generation Z.

Then some Qs about HOW you got into it – attending games, watching movies about baseball etc.

Uh oh….I picked that last one for this next slide….

I thought it was a mistake on this next slide that I couldn’t pick ZERO for some of these.  Radio is dead to me because of WOR’s WAHWAH and the MLB APP Commercials, and I stopped going to games because baseball is boring.

You’re then asked to rank the leagues by how much you like them.  MLS is included, so I guess we have a Big 5 now.

Baseball thinks we like baseball so asked if we watch KBO or Mexican League  or anything else.  Stop being silly.  We don’t.  Baseball fans don’t even like watching MLB teams other than their own team.



They then ask what words I would use to describe baseball.  This got an essay and a half from me about all the things wrong with the game.

God help us all if MLB thinks SOCKS are what would make the game more appealing.

I like this next Q

I like this one too.

I picked “sitting 500 feet away and ignoring the game while I talk to people on a bridge but I have this cool t-shirt.”  Seriously, that’s the only thing people seem to like about Citi Field.  600 fans like Citi Field, and the Baseball Mafia likes it because they are in the press level.  It’s really not that good a park.  Now you’re gonna argue with me and then you’re gonna realize, oh wait he’s right, I just hang out on the bridge and barely watch the game.  I know you do.

They asked who my favorite player is.  NOBODY.

OMG OMG OMG  I had so much fun answering I DON’T KNOW to these because I DON’T KNOW.  I can guess based upon the cap (sometimes), but I don’t ACTUALLY recognize this guy on the Braves.  I can guess, especially with the help of that pulldown menu, but do I actually recognize him? Absolutely not.

I also said “I don’t know” for spite to the guy in the Angels hat.

And baseball seems to think this person is a recognizable star!

Then some Qs about money and where I live.

This was fun.  Maybe baseball knows baseball is broken and nobody knows who these people are.  This gives me hope!