Matt Cerrone on Mets Lindor Trade

So I am friends with Matt and definitely miss Proper Mets Blog, not the embarrassment that the SNY Era has become.  Let’s start there.  In case you missed it, here is a tweet from SNY TODAY AT 10:30AM

Like wow, way to show you have no insiders and no idea what you’re talking about.

Enough about them.  What we CAN do, and what I will do is encourage The Return Of Cerrone by embedding his videos.  Here’s one.  Watch.  Subscribe to his Youtube Channel.  We need more of this and less of whatever the hell SNY is doing.

Warning, Matt does use an Alonsic word so make sure the children are out of the room.  Vulgairty Warning.  I will text him and tell him to cut it out.

Isn’t it nice to hear from Matt?  Doesn’t that feel like the good old days when we were young and the Mets wore black and the Wilpons owned the team?  Wait what?  Maybe not that – but I do miss MetsBlog in its prime.

More of this Matt.