Mets claimed some pitcher named Stephen Tarpley

Stephen Tarpley apparently has been playing Major League Baseball.  The Mets have claimed him from Miami.

He had an impressive 9.00 ERA in 2020 – oh wait, higher is bad – and his career ERA is over 6 and you millennials will be upset to hear he has a Negative Career WAR so that means we can all easily imagine a hypothetical player who would be better.

But who cares.  Steve has billions of dollars.  This is all pretend.  Stick this guy at AAA until we have to play a Covid induced triple header with three 5 inning games and we need a body to pitch an inning.

Bring me ALL the players!*


The asterisk was for Trevor Bauer.  Let the Yankees deal with that crap.  He’ll be a fine Yankee.