Mets reportedly sign whoever Brandon Drury is

Uncle Steve has all kinds of money but he’s too cheap to send me press releases.  I’m still waiting on the Lindor Press Release you guys over there at Citi Field.

Anyway, Mets Police has learned that someone named Brandon Drury plays Major League Baseball.

Drury had a Net Negative 2020 with a WAR of -1.0  WAR is a thing millennials like where they imagine a hypothetical player to be better than Drury is.  They love WAR unless you bring it up about Pete Alonso in which case it doesn’t count.

In 2019, Drury weent .219 15 and 41 for the Blue Jays.   He plays 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF and RF – so he’s some of that ORGANIZATIONAL DEPTH that the Mets haven’t had since the 1980s.

So it’s a nice signing because I want ALL THE FREE AGENTS except Bauer and Drury is one of them, whoever he is.