No Excuses! Lindor, Careasco, Gimenez, Lasorda

Hey let’s talk about Actual Baseball for a change.

That idiot Mets Police was talking on twitter mid-week about the Mets getting Kris Bryant.  That guy is so stupid.

Oh wait, at least three sources say the Mets and Cubs talked.

Meanwhile, the Post is laying some Excuses Groundwork something something about poor Steve’s wallet something. I barely read it because it’s stilly.  Steve has money, I want ALL the players (except Bauer, who will be a fine Yankee).  I don’t want to hear about the luxury tax from a man who voluntary gave the IRS $1.8 billion.  We can go over the luxury tax.  We have no money.  NO EXCUSES, I mean it, NO EXCUSES.

Meanwhile says

The Tribe thinks the 22-year-old Gimenez can be their starting shortstop for a long time. They love his glove, considering it elite. Gimenez started 22 games at short for the Mets. He also played 19 games at second and 10 at third base. But short is his prime position.

The Tribe also believes Gimenez was rushed to the majors. He jumped from Class AA to the big leagues. Gimenez batted a respectable .263 (.732 OPS) with 3 HR and 12 RBI in 118 at bats. He was 8-of-9 in stolen bases. The Indians think he can be a big-time base stealer. The Indians aren’t saying it, but I believe they consider Gimenez to be the key player in the trade.

Hey maybe Gimenez is a HOFer, that’s OK.  I was a teenager when the Mets won the World Series.  I want to see them do it again.  You have to give to get.  We have Lindor, we know he’s good, and Steve has so much money just give Lindor $1.8B to stay and stop worrying about money.  NO EXCUSES you hear me?  NO EXCUSES adds

Why did the Indians put Carlos Carrasco in the deal? First, the Mets wanted the right-hander. While it’s expected the Mets under new ownership will make Lindor a massive offer to sign a contract extension, he still could play out the season and hit the open market. Signed for two more seasons plus an option for 2023, Carrasco is tied to the Mets even if they lose Lindor after 2021.

I’d like to point out that has provided better METS information than the entire Mets beat has in a year.  This is actually interesting stuff, the kind we used to get from Rubin.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reminds us that Tommy Lasorda was a CELEBRITY back from an age when baseball had actual stars not you guys telling me Mike Trout is famous.

He was a genuine celebrity, a friend of Frank Sinatra and Don Rickles who always knew where to find a camera. He could share wisdom as a pointy-capped wizard on a children’s TV show (“The Baseball Bunch”) or spew profane hilarity at a reporter who dared to ask for his opinion of a rival’s performance. Jon Lovitz played him on “Saturday Night Live.”