Show off your true Mets fandom with this hoodie

Now that the Mets have Lindor, you’re going to want to show off what a True Mets Fan you are with some gear.  Maybe you’re a comedian and you’ve been on the road most years between the April winning streak and the rest of the season and you haven’t been able to keep up your Mets attire.  Well, I have the hoodie for you.

Slap on a mask and this beauty and head on out to Citi Field (tickets on-sale now despite that pesky pandemic) and let everyone know just what kind of fan you are.  Talk about Uncle Steve and Lindor and how much you love the Mets.  We’ll all see your new hoodie and think, “This guy?  That’s a real Mets fan.”   Oh also talk about how awesome Pete Alonso is.  Unless the other fans are booing him because he’s batting .199 on his way to 200 strikeouts.  If that happens. boo him too.


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