Will fans be allowed at Mets home games? Unclear

A source with knowledge of the New York Mets’ front office told Schneps Media that the team is in a “wait-and-see” mode, adding that they are gathering information from MLB, state and local officials before coming to a decision on whether or not fans will be allowed inside Citi Field this season.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office did not return AMNY’s inquiry for comment on the matter at the time of this article’s publishing. (via QNS.com

Well…if Governor Cuomo’s Son Governor Cuomo allowed people at a Bills game, why wouldn’t people be allowed at Mets games?

And if baseball had fans at the World Series, why wouldn’t people be allowed at Mets games?

Also the reports are  that baseball is basically shrugging when it comes to making teams provide negative tests before entering.  I wonder if they will at least do temperature scans?

Mets Police suggests you don’t buy any tickets but treat yourself to a nice big TV.  Why give the Mets $1000 when you could buy this beautiful 75 inch 4K Samsung?

Imagine how sharp Lindor will look on that beauty!

Or you could haul your butt all the way to Flushing, stand in a line, get coughed on by some morons, be a little cold and uncomfortable, pay $15 for a combo meal that doesn’t even come with a drink.  Why would you do that?  For what?  To sit in a stadium for 4 hours when you could be home watching your lovely new TV?