Mets fire Porter

Well the Mets love doing big news when I am busy. The Mets had only one choice here, the right choice.

I am sure Sandy can find someone else to do league paperwork and to make minor roster moves like sending down whichever relief pitcher eats innings in a blowout loss. The Mets will be fine.

I never ever really learned his name, confusing him with Jody Porter of the band Fountains of Wayne. Hopefully the next GM will wear a blazer or at least a polo to his introductory presser.

I’m starting the All-(Something) Mets team (I need a joke). Porter is the GM, Beltran the manager. Players include the non-scandalous Jed Lowrie. It’s some sort of Shiny Short Timers team.

As Mets Circuses go this was a quick one. If you slept in you missed it.