Recap: Mets’ Sandy Alderson answers Qs from mostly a bunch of men

So Sandy held a presser and you can read proper summaries on the other 175 Mets Blogs.

Some things that caught my eye…

    1.  In roughy 45 minutes three women asked questions.  Three.  (A fourth woman was invited to ask her Q late in the call but she yielded her time as Sandy has just answered it.)
    2.  One guy asked Sandy if the FBI should help the Mets/MLB with hiring.  Really?
    3.  This Q was great!!!!  (By a one of the four women)

4.  Sandy had his good lawyer brain on today.  When asked if MLB was investigating –

“I don’t know the answer to that precisely” which is  SUCH a lawyer answer.  It’s true, he does not know PRECISELY what they are up to.  That’s not a no.  He added  “I wouldn’t be surprised” if there is an investigation, which is also a wonderful way to stay out of trouble.   Well done Sandy.

    5.  I loved Sandy’s dog playing with the squeaky toy during a serious discussion, because I enjoy chaos.
    AND the thing everyone is correctly pouncing on – Sandy slipped up and provided a detail, which will not be shared here, which could help uncover the identity of the recipient of Porter’s texts.   He slipped up, but these are literally The Big Leagues, so an apology should be coming….and it should.