Steve, are you sure you want Trevor Bauer on the Mets?

Yeah Steve?  You sure about this?

…. in January 2019 when Bauer engaged in a Twitter battle with a female college student…. What began as seemingly playful trash talk quickly escalated into something much darker, as Bauer… researched the woman’s Twitter timeline to find and retweet posts of her drinking alcohol before her 21st birthday.

In all, over a span of three days, Bauer tweeted at least 17 times either directly at the woman or at others while discussing her and the argument. Predictably, the woman has said that she endured considerable abuse from Bauer’s followers.  (via NY Post)

Steve, just listen to me, I have a really good track record on personnel.  Sign ALL the free agents, except Bauer.  And trade Pete Alonso at high-is value, while you still can.