Boomer Esiason went off on Steve Cohen

I missed this because I stopped listening to WFAN in like 1994, but this is fun.  Millionaire Boomer Esiason went after Billionaire Steve Cohen, as recapped here by the New York Post.

The WFAN host on Friday morning went after Mets owner Steve Cohen for his alleged involvement in and reaction to the GameStop stock chaos and said he would no longer be going to Mets games “until I find out exactly what’s going on here.”

“Steve Cohen also sent [a tweet] out (Thursday) that I didn’t like, in regards to David Portnoy, saying ‘I’m just trying to make a living, just like you,’” Esiason said. “Hey, I don’t want to hear that from you, you know what I mean? You hedge fund billionaire. Just keep your mouth shut.

“The other thing is, he also put out another one: ‘Hey stock jockeys, keep bringing it.’ So he’s discounting the Reddit WallStreetBets people as ‘stock jockeys’ and taking shots at them like he knows what’s going on because he’s sitting in this hedge fund king chair making all these decisions. I hate that. That’s why, I told you this morning when I came in, I said, ‘You know what? I swear to God, I’m not going to go to another Met game until I find out exactly what’s going on here.’ This actually makes me sick to my stomach.”  (via NY Post)

Now granted there is a huge difference between a sports playing millionaire and a hedge fund billionaire, but I did find this New York Times article from 1998 pretty fun to read. 

By the time he retired….he had earned an estimated $24 million in salaries and endorsement fees for products ranging from Nike sneakers to Diet Coke. In February, he signed a five-year contract with ABC, worth a reported $9 million, to be the game analyst for Monday Night Football.

Associates say Mr. Esiason has accumulated a fortune worth $11 million to $14 million, conservatively invested in a portfolio that is about 50 percent cash and fixed-income securities and 50 percent stocks. He has had some big winners, including Pomeroy Computer Resources, a business-services stock that he bought on a tip in 1993 and that has more than quintupled in value. …. (Via NY Times)

Anyway it’s nice to have the Wilpons gone so we don’t have to talk about the owners’ finances any more.