Mets, you don’t get to pretend you liked Daniel Murphy.

Mets, stop.

If you liked him so much why did you let him go to the Nationals after Murphtober?

You started Emaus over him. You started Ike over him. You discounted all the Murph stuff at the team store when he was out for a year when he got hurt trying to help the team by learning a new position. Your fans told me they liked Valdespin better. The t-shirt. guy ran his mouth when Neil Walker had one good month in April 2016.

You didn’t like Murph.

Gary and Keith didn’t like Murph.

I liked Murph.

Don’t all start acting like the Mets loved Murph. He was always two seconds away from being buried for his entire tenure.

If you liked him so much you should have kept him.