Deep dive on Awesome-town Mets Usher uniforms via @uniwatch

Good morning. Did you catch all the kerfuffle over the weekend? You probably heard about Steve quitting twitter. Then one of the dopey Mets blogs had like 10 of their 72 writers quit (surf my twitter for all that) and then SNY did a tweet that was dumb, but they took it down quickly and apologized so I am happy to just move on with that one, and then David Wright wore a Tan Suit! OK, that last one is made up, but remember when Obama wearing Tan Suit was the sort of thing people worried about?

Anyway, everyone is back to work today so I bet we will have all sorts of Steve Cohen Game Stop stories, and we’re all waiting on the Jeff Passan Bombshell thing (is it related to someone who once wore a Mets uniform? Who knows???) – and of course Trevor Bauer really truly wants to be a Met, he is just taking his time.

Anyway, Paul Lukas deep-dove with the designer of these snazzy Mets Usher uniforms.

Obviously Uncle Steve needs to bring these Mets Usher uniforms back immediately!

I’ll be out with the snowblower for the first of probably three times.