Noah’s Book Club got a PEOPLE exclusive….curious.

Hmmmm.  PEOPLE exclusives don’t just happen.  This means some sort of Professional Press Person likely pitched a few outlets the story and PEOPLE was the best (and a really good) outlet to which they granted the exclusive.

Could it just be what it purports to be, that Noah likes reading?  Or is the end of this tale not yet revealed?

Noah will be an Unrestricted Free Agent after the 2021 season.  Maybe his people have decided to tap into his Star Power (I think he is one of the few baseball players with Star Power) in anticipation of hitting the open market after pitching only a few months in two seasons.

Or, maybe he just really likes reading.

“I’ve found reading books to be way more productive with my time than TikToking, and I want everyone to be focused more on reading than screen time,” he says. “I remember Ashton Kutcher saying something like, ‘The coolest attribute anyone can have is to be really smart,’ and that has stuck with me over the years, and further pushed my desire to read.” (Via PEOPLE)