Serious allegations involving former Mets manager Mickey Callaway

I am not going to say much this evening as I don’t feel like I have command of the story.   Those of us in the blogosphere had heard inklings in the last 36 hours that this story was coming, but I had never heard any whispers of any of this previously.

Worth mentioning is that Callaway, like Jared Porter, was hired by Sandy Alderson.

From the Daily News:

Former Mets manager Mickey Callaway bombarded women who covered him with unsolicited and unwanted sexual messages, according to a report in the Athletic  on Monday night.


Another (woman) said that when Callaway was Mets manager, he offered to exchange inside information for getting drunk with him…

So I won’t say much about the above now until I learn more, but staying with some themes from my blog…

Howie….love ya….but “Hodges Moment” was a mistake from the time you said it.  You of all people should know not to invoke the name of Gil Hodges.

“New culture” is a running joke, but man there were a lot of articles about Mickey’s New Culture.   As with most things Mets, how about everyone tap the brakes on everything and everyone and then see how things play out before we start praising new cultures, or invoking the names of Hodges or Seaver or putting people in the Hall of Fame after one good season.  This is my ongoing lesson to you all.