Uni Watch chats with one of the snazzily dressed Mets Ushers!

Uni Watch had a sequel to the original Mets ushers article, in which Paul spoke with one of the…..ushers…or maybe she wasn’t an usher.  I will excerpt the top as a tease.

Uni Watch: How did you come to be working for the Mets?

Sydney Bozeman: At the time, the World’s Fair was going up. So I saw a job listing, probably at my school, to be either a Tahitian on the Bounty — I had long, dark hair — or the Mets. They selected me for both, but I chose the Mets because it was a better fit with my class schedule.

And you know, we weren’t really ushers…

Anyway you should already be following @uniwatch and reading the site daily.

Here is the full Usher/Not an Usher article.