Joey Lucchesi is the Mets 5th Starter and you’re all OK with this?

Hey uh Steve, I know you have lots of money and stuff and you got everybody excited by brining in Lindor (even though if you put the Cano money up against Lindor you actually saved $2 million) but what’s up with this (from Fangraphs)?

Ok drGrom great.  Carrasco.  The Big Zero I guess (and I guess now that the pandemic is over we don’t have to worry about him staying home so he can get a FA deal off his 2019 numbers)…..

Are you SURE David Peterson is up for 30 solid starts?

And Joey Lucchesi?

What’s the plan if one of these guys misses a turn?  Then who pitches?

This looks kinda thin Steve.  I know my fellow fans have been distracted by you being all groovy on twitter, then leaving twitter, and the Game Stop thing, and Porter-Gate, and Mickey-Gate, and Metsmerized and SNY Tweets but let’s look at this rotation….


Are you sure you aren’t a WIlpons cousin?  Open the wallet.  I want ALL the players, except of course Trevor Bauer.  Let him be a Yankee.