So @Mets you’re going to complete the Mercury Mets prophecy, right?

You may be familiar with the long-ago Mercury Mets promotion.

For younger readers, long story short, MLB lost their mind and sold their soul to a sponsor, and the gimmick was that teams would Turn Ahead The Clock and wear uniforms from the far distant future of……2021!

Most teams just did oversized logos or wacky colors

But the Mets of course had to Mets the thing and be the MERCURY METS

These are SO BAD that many of us now love them.

Well Mets, 2021 has come.  Surely you have to take the field in these to complete the circle.

I don’t expect the Mets to move to planet Mercury, so let’s put that part of the gag aside for a moment…..

Come on Mets, you HAVE to do this.

Steve, you used to like being a twitter personality, and you teased black uniforms a few times.  Why don’t you tell the folks that you ARE bringing back black uniforms…

and then bring THESE back.

Come on Mets, you have to do it!

You could even go all in and do things like this…

..which could be kind of fun!

Baseball is supposed to FUN right?

The year is 2021.  BE the Mercury Mets.

And like I always remind you – what’s the worst that happens, we all make fun of you?  We do that anyway.