Keith Hernandez ponders trading Pete Alonso?

I didn’t watch this (life is too short) but from the official description of the latest GKR thing….

..on a new episode of Beyond the Booth Live, Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez discuss how playing time would be determined for Dom Smith and Pete Alonso. Keith wonders if the Mets trade one of them is there in fact isn’t a DH this season.

Very interesting.  Trade Pete!

Also interesting is that the description does not mention if….

a) GKR knew about Mickey Callaway’s “open secret” but said nothing.

b) GKR knew about Mickey Callaway’s “open secret” and said something but were ignored.


c)  GKR did not know about Mickey Callaway’s “open secret” which makes me wonder how plugged in they actually are.  After all, it was an “open secret.”

Sorry to ask the tough questions.

The guys “also debate who the most consistent starting pitcher is behind Jacob deGrom” which makes me think they want to be Metsmerized Bloggers.