Mets dodged Bauer bullet, plus Virtual Queens Baseball Convention is today

The Virtual Queens Baseball Convention is today.  It is streamed LIVE on the Youtube channel for FREE (they are accepting donations, throw them a few bucks, you’d do it if it was the t-shirt guy).

Here’s the LINK and the lineup which all starts at 1pm

1pm          The Annual State of the Mets Panel discussion
2pm          Black Jersey Discussion (short version NO)
2:30pm   Baseball Night in NY with the SNY guys
3:30pm   Mets Artist Spotlight
4pm          Player Panel with Super Joe McEwing

Meanwhile, let’s talk Bauer.   GOOD, GOOD, GOOD, GOOD, GOOD, GOOD, GOOD.

He appears to be a knucklehead, and a knucklehead with some bad twitter history, and the Mets don’t need that here.

Even going to the point of making teaser videos showing himself in non-Dodgers jerseys?    He can take his bag, pack his bag and he can leave.  We don’t want Bauer in Queens.