Dead Baseballs? Mets should have traded Pete Alonso while they had the chance

Hmmm fewer HRs and same amount of Ks? Sounds great.

Remember kids, always trade high. I tired to tell you.

SNY says

MLB is planning a slight change to the baseballs in 2021 that would produce a minor “deadening effect,” per Ken Rosenthal and Eno Sarris of The Athletic.

The Athletic obtained an internal memo that was sent Friday to general managers, assistant general managers, and equipment managers detailing the change to the baseballs (produced by Rawlings) that will be very small, but should still impact what the balls do when they’re put in play.

Per the memo, the “coefficient of restitution,” which Rosenthal and Sarris describe as “the relationship of the incoming speed to the outgoing speed” could be impacted by the change to the baseballs, creating a less “bouncy” ball.