My plan to fix baseball: introducing The Premier League of Baseball

30 years ago, the top clubs in English soccer resigned and formed their own Premier League.  Obviously a great move.

It is time for baseball to free itself from its past, and realize that only some teams matter, and in the 21st Century it’s all about TV and STARS.

Therefore, the following teams should immediately resign from Major League Baseball and join the Premier League Of Baseball

The teams in the PLB are:

New York Yankees

New York Mets

Los Angeles Dodgers

Anaheim Angels 

St. Louis Cardinals

Chicago Cubs

Houston Astros

Boston Red Sox.



That’s it.  Padres? Nobody cares.  White Sox?  Nobody cares.  Phillies?  Giants?  Maybe if we decide to expand.

The PLB will play 7 inning games and have a DH.  There will be fully normal extra innings as God intended.

All clips are free to be used on social media with no royalties.  Do whatever you want with footage from our games (I will cap your clips at two minutes to protect my TV partners).  Remix, share, post on your blog TikTok whatever.  Please feel encouraged to promote us.

All games will be streamed on the PLB STREAMING PACKAGE. There are no blackouts.  This is available worldwide.

We also have some major scheduling innovations.

THREE GAMES PER WEEK:   We will learn from the wisdom of the Australian Baseball League.  Playing for 26 weeks, this is a 78 game schedule and there is only one “division.”   That’s plenty of baseball.  If you want more baseball, “Major League Baseball” features 24 teams you can watch during the week.

There will be one SPOTLIGHT GAME played Thursday Night 6:35pm Eastern on our national TV partner (presumably FOX). and of course PLB Streaming. The two teams involved in The Spotlight Game will be off on Sunday.

Three games a week allows teams to use their best SPs and only their best SPs.  There will be rules preventing openers and bullpenning.  The PLB is about STARS.   You like the Mets?  You will see JDG, Thor and Carrasco.  Every weekend.  Nice.


Each team will play 78 games.  We will let you know on Sunday night who you will play next week.  This is all about Vince McMahon-like spectacle.  Is the schedule fair?  No.  And I am telling you this coming in.   We’ll do our best to have everyone play each other.


As the PLB is all about stars and spectacle, the league will be able to not only determine matchups but also the starting pitchers when the league deems it necessary.  As an example, let’s look at week one.


As this is all hypothetical, let us pretend Noah Syndergaard is healthy and able to pitch.  I use the below as an illustration of the possibilities.

THURSDAY SPOTLIGHT:   Mets at Dodgers.  Hand of God wants Syndergaard vs Bauer.  That’s it.  They went at it on twitter.  Now let’s let Sports Radio and Media talk about this for 4 days and then the teams can play at 6:35pm EASTERN so the vast majority of the population can tune in.  The Dodgers get to have a very obnoxious World Series ring ceremony before we begin.  The other 6 teams are off.

FRIDAY:   Mets at Dodgers.  Cubs at Cardinals.  Red Sox at Yankees.  Anaheim at Houston.

SATURDAY:   Same, with DAY GAMES except for whatever the Hand Of God decides should be the solo 6:35pm Eastern time game for our national TV Partner, presumably Fox, and on PLB STREAMING.

SUNDAY:  Mets and Dodgers are off having completed their series.  The Hand Of God will put the best pitcher on the Yankees vs the best pitcher on the Red Sox at 6:35pm Eastern on our national cable partner, presumably ESPN and on PLB STREAMING.  All other games are day games.

MONDAY:  the day we play games that need to be made up.  You have the whole week off so shut up, book the hotel another night and play at 6:35pm Eastern on Monday night on our national cable partner, presumably ESPN as well as on PLB STREAMING.  You have at least three days to get to your next game so shut up about how hard travel is.

During Sunday night’s telecast we will announce the matchups for Week 2.  Repeat this until October.

This eliminates Rays-A’s games, 4 hour baseball games with tons of relievers, and keeps the stars on TV, and adds some NFL like water cooler where we actually look ahead to games.

Teams like the Padres are free to sell their players to PLB teams in a system similar to international soccer.

I will follow up with plans for the post season.  Maybe we’ll do a tournament of the champions from Nippon Baseball, and the USA’s American and National Leagues.