Mets’ Number 99 Tai Walker gets it. #LGM

Good to see my 3rd favorite Met, Tai Walker, GETS IT.  Unlike foolish newcomers like my 23rd favorite Met Trevor May who misspelled LGM is an Alonsic way…..Tai knows how to spell LGM.

Also Tai avoided what would have been a near fatal choice.  Not actually fatal, but a non-violent popularity fatality with the fans. Tai had been considering 00 as something to wear on a uniform, which of course is stupid and either not a number or is the same number as 0 worn by the Big Zero – if 00 is even a number, it has the same value as 0 – and if we do that then let’s let someone wear 041 and 005.  Anyway, Tai would never steal Mr. Met’s numberish thing.  I believe once Tai learned of Mr. Met’s jersey customization that he quickly saw the light, and will wear 99