Fringe Orioles SP Matt Harvey: my numbers kind of sucked

No Matt, they didn’t kind of  suck – they REALLY sucked.

Matt Harvey, aka “The Next Seaver” needs just 267 wins this season to tie Tom Seaver with 311 career wins.  That’s why you don’t trade a guy like that for Mookie Betts.  That’s why you hold onto Pete Alonso and ignore what your eyes are telling you.  But I digress…

“I just didn’t really open up to the fact that my numbers kind of sucked,” Harvey said Sunday from spring training in Sarasota, Florida. “It was, I think, a humbling experience to go up to the facility in New Jersey and kind of get numbers from whether it was high school kids that are working out there that are throwing better numbers — maybe not as hard — but better numbers up than I am, and realized that I need to take a step back and figure out how to improve things.

“Obviously, I’ve pitched in a lot of different game situations, playoff games, had some success. World Series. And I think once I get those mechanics back and numbers back, I think the experience that I do have is going to get me back to being the successful pitcher that I know I can be.”

But perhaps the Orioles are really set on having The D. Knight on their team!  Look at this…

D. Knight should totally start doing the Batman thing lol.