Why give to charity when you can have a Mets Spring Training cardboard cutout/

Are you a fool with way too much money?  Are you for some reason opposed to donating to the local charity/church/food pantry/homeless shelter/animal rescue/local business kickstarter?

Well, then I have great news for you.  You can waste your money on this!  (Even Mediagoon doesn’t waste money on this, and he has seven Lindor jerseys already.)

Now look, I am sure that someone will point out the money is going to the Mysterious Mets Foundation or something – but let Steve Cohen write that check.   And I am sure the Mets aren’t picking up the cardboard part and your entire FORTY DOLLARS goes to the Mysterious Mets Foundation.

So how about none of you do this, and you send $40 to The North Shore Animal League where I have adopted some awesome dogs over the years.  

Celebrate Mets Spring Training with a fan cutout at Clover Park!

One person per cutout. Wear your Mets gear or colors.

Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once installed, cutouts will remain in the stadium for the remainder of Spring Training. We cannot guarantee that cutouts ordered together will be placed next to each other.

Please note, we are unable to create cutouts that include the following;

  • Commercial advertisements, including slogans, websites and phone numbers
  • Social media handles and hashtags
  • Offensive or negative references to any MLB team
  • Names of any MLB players
  • Statements or endorsements of political candidates
  • Third party logos/branding