Pete Alonso’s 2020, the willingly naive Mets beat, and selling the team’s soul

Is the Beat serious?  They just accepted this answer…

Pete came out yesterday and wowed the crowd. Why did he quit social media? To live in real life? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

He just woke up and decided to live in real life. Let’s accept that for a second. Why delete your instagram then? Can’t you just not use your instagram? What if you see a beautiful sunrise one day and want to share it?

Is it possible this is about MENTIONS? Or maybe like we’ve seen with some other players that it’s about who he was following – and that’s not worth the hassle? How about someone on the beat ask a followup?

Out of the session came some major revisionist history that sure Pete struggled at the beginning of the season, but had a great second half.

Really? A great second half?  Then why would the Post publish an argue about a STRUGGLING Pete Alonso being sent to THE BENCH on September 16th – with 11 games to go – as the Mets were trying (and failing) to make an 8 game playoff?   Explain that article to me.

Pete padded his numbers that final weekend. and the beat is looking at them and multiplying by 2.7x and acting like Pete was fine last year.

Anyone who actually WATCHED a game knows he was terrible.

And then there’s this…Pete would like us to have Strike Out Blackout Fridays.

I really do hope that we get them, because I think that it’d be exciting not just to have a different jersey, but we gotta make it a thing: Friday Night Blackouts,” Alonso said. “I’m just picturing in my mind everybody in the stadium with a blacked-out jersey. I think it’d be so intimidating, a sea of black shirts out there in the outfield, with music banging out of the speakers, lights going.”

“I think that it would bring a lot of swagger and a lot of moxie, Oh man, I just have this vision. I can’t necessarily explain it all, but I think it would bring a lot of excitement. I know the black jerseys are very polarizing, but I don’t know why. I think they look awesome. I think they’re great.” (via Daily News)

There is a certain segment of the fanbase that will eat that up, leading to Pete’s popularity….but I ask you…..what is going to happen when the boos come?  What happens when the strikeouts come?  What happens when Pete gets sent to the bench and the Mets have sold their souls to black uniforms and a vulgarized version of LGM?

Steve, you’re a smart guy.  You have made a lot of money making the right bets.  Did you watch the 2020 Mets Steve?  Don’t hand the keys over to this guy.  You’re going to regret it when the boos come.