Mets Start Times: how about Saturday 9am? Friday 1pm?

Getting up on the weekends and watching Premier League Soccer got me thinking – what if the Mets tried a Saturday 9am game in the middle of the summer?

Is it different?  Yes.  Maybe it could become a cool Mets thing – and a really good day for families.  I’d like to see them try this in Spring Training to see how teh fanbase reacts.

I’d also like to see – once a year – a Friday 1pm game. I have talked about this before, but if you’ve ever done one at Wrigley Field you know how awesome they are.  A lot of people have Summer Fridays (and the sport already plays Thursday 1pm games in the summer which is insane.) and you could still do camps.  I’ll tell ya, rolling out of Wrigley on a nice sunny afternoon and it’s 4-something and the entire weekend is out front – nothing better.  I bet McFadden’s and New Wilpons Brewery would do well too.

I’m told TV rules everything – but I would be curious how Friday night games actually do.  On Mets Twitter Friday is usually a ghost town.  Maybe Friday 1pm once a summer could be really cool, as could Saturday Morning Baseball.

Or keep doing what you’re doing as the sport dies.  Up to you.