Mickey Hodges Callaway: who at the Mets knew?

I apologize for the Alonsic language in the excerpt here – but


Callaway’s behavior with the Indians and Mets was so well known that there were reportedly several nicknames associated with it. The leering looks, uncomfortable stares, and unsolicited emails from him on LinkedIn were called “the Mickey treatment” by Indians staffers. On the Mets, several employees called him “Dick Pic Mick.” (via Yahoo)

And my ongoing question is….

Did the people who cover the team know?  Including people like Gary, Keith, Ron and Gelbs.

From there I would like to know

Did GKR know and tell someone?  Were they ignored?  Who did they tell?

Did GKR not know?  If not, how is it possible they cover the team and didn’t know about the Open Secret

Did GKR know and not tell someone?  Why not?


Also Howie man….”Hodges Moment”…..oof.  You should publicly disavow that one.  You gave him Hodges level on the first day of Spring Training games.  That’s like the people who called Matt Harvey the Next Seaver.