Matt Harvey made his Orioles debut! How’d he do? You’ll look

Happy Harvey Day today.  True Harvey fans like me were wearing our orange #32 jerseys while The Dark Knight Returned Yet Again But This Time It Will Be Better Than It Was In Cincinnati, Anaheim, Sacramento, Las Vegas and Kansas City.

It was a rough first inning. Some dude hit a double.

And if we slow down the footage we can catch just a glimpse of the familiar Matt Harvey pose where he just got rocked and stares out at the OF.

Oh well, he’s just settling in, let’s go to the second inning…

While we don’t have much footage, Matt probably looked a lot like this.

Look below at the poor naive beat reporter trying to make sense of it all.  Matt made quick work of the Blue Jays….yeah because there was nobody on base.  He’s fine until he isn’t.  Did you not see the first inning?



Even in Portugese, Matt was terrible.

Matt, you’re going to have to do a lot better if you’re gonna make it to the wonderland that is Fells Point. A good looking single guy like you could have a lot of fun there after games. Step it up TDK.  But The Next Seaver is no fool, he knows…

Oh well, hopefully Matt rebounds and makes the team. Nothing moves the numbers like Matt Harvey recaps.  I hope he pitches well into his 40s.

See you next time, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!