Is Dom Smith hurt or is the Mets manager incompetent?

So which is is Mets?  Is Dom Smith hurt and you aren’t telling us…or is second choice manager Luis Rojas not properly preparing his team for the the season?

Let’s recap.

The Mets plan to have Dom Smith play LF so that the one dimensional Vulgar Bear can play sub-par first base.  Look, I get it, Vulgar Bear is marketable and he plays extra nice with the media so he’s lovable and gonna play.  I get it.

So if you’re going to make Dom play out of position – how about maybe getting him some game situation practice time?

Thursday he was the DH.

Friday the Mets were off.

Saturday he was the DH.

Sunday he isn’t in the lineup.

Why is he not in left field?   Is he tired?  Do the Mets feel like he has mastered left field and he needs DH reps?

Or is he hurt?

Or is the manager not preparing his team properly for the regular season?

Why is Dom not in Left Field every day this spring?

Why won’t the beat ask about it?

Why is the smartest guy in the room always me?   Why do I pick up on things from my basement and the people around the team miss these angles?

Why isn’t Dom playing?  Think about it.  He’s either hurt or the Mets are fools.  Neither one is good.

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