How bad are the Orioles? MATT HARVEY is their #2 Starter LOL

Oh man Orioles you really must suck beyond belief of you have done zero homework.

You have yet to see Matt pitch with runners on base.  I feel bad for you because you have no idea how bad the meltdowns are and how quickly they come.

You get access to stats right?  Did Boras send you the REAL stats?  Did you not see 2020’s 11.57 ERA?  I know 2020 doesn’t count for some reason.  Did you not see 2019’s 7.09.

Look let me get Luke Skywalker in here to explain this to you….

I mean wow this is hilarious.

Happy Birthday Matt.

I am reminded that the Orioles were projected to have a ZERO chance at making the playoffs even BEFORE naming Matt Harvey their 2.  LOL.