Hey Steve Cohen, it’s not cute, extend Lindor and Conforto

This is infuriating:

Breaking from his low profile of recent weeks, Mets owner Steve Cohen chimed in about the Francisco Lindor extension negotiations early Friday evening with a tweet: “What do you think Lindor will accept? I’m going to crowdsource the answer.” (via MLB.com)

Look man, I see you have everybody snowed with this notion that you’re this chill guy that’s cool on twitter and stuff but…..how about extending Lindor and Conforto?

I was promised a billionaire would solve all the problems of the Wilpons being cheap – and so far the wallet seems closed.  You probably make $300M on Friday when the Dow closed up 1.39%, so let’s stop fighting over $10M here and there with these guys and get this done.

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