Steve Cohen to bring back Mets’ Black Edge jerseys

Well, look what Steve Cohen is bringing to Queens.  No it’s not a Lindor nor Conforto extension (not to mention Thor)…it’s this.

This ends a nice run of nine seasons where the Mets looked nice.

Long term readers of the blog are well aware of my opinions on the Black Edge jerseys, which simply out, look terrible.

While they might look nice as fashion-wear, they look terrible on field, and the caps are even worse.

I wonder if Trump supporter Mike Piazza has Steve’s ear on these, as they are clearly Piazza era jerseys.

The good news for readers of this blog is that I have vowed to continue doing this until the Mets win the World Series while nicely dressed, and it seems that Steve has no intention of helping me see that goal – so I will stay here and continue to fight the good fight.  You won’t begetting rid of me any time soon.