Thoughts on baseball and Mets Opening Day

This is the graphic I have

Welcome to the 14th season of Mets Police.

Had I written this yesterday, my narrative would have been how I was not excited.  Now before Sporty starts telling me to close down the blog – and I cannot do that until the Mets win the World Series while nicely dressed, a mission Steve Cohen does NOT share as the Black Edge jerseys have returned – hear me out.

I don’t know if it’s the night game, or the pandemic, or that baseball is a four hour slog, or that Alonsism has taken over – but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I didn’t consume a single inning of Spring Training, I don’t think I even looked at an at bat.  Maybe I had the first game on in the background while I worked – I don’t even reminder.

This morning I wake up to the Lindor news which gives me a bolt of energy – WHICH IS WHY YOU MAKE SUCH MOVES.   It’s marketing.   And it allows me to form a bond with Lindor (my favorite Met as he has discussed how broken baseball is) as I know he will be here for a while.

It’s been a long slog of nothing – the pandemic, then the 60 game season, then another off-season….so blogging has been slow and less fun than at other times.  Hopefully getting back to a 162 game semi-normal season (there  is still that pesky Covid which has affected the Nationals, and three-quarter empty stadiums) – but a 162 game season might get t he rhythm back for all of us.

Tonight we are cursed with ESPN’s horsehockey coverage, so it still won’t feel right until we get into the day in day out GKR of it all.

As for baseball – I see Lebron James is now a part Red Sox owner which means baseball finally has an actual star.   This sport needs to wake up and realize how broken it is.  They can’t keep playing four hour games late into the night.  They have a major problem that most of the potential starts play on the West Coast.  Ask the NBA how that goes as their ratings slipped when Lebron switched time zones.  Home Runs and Strikeouts may be fun if you are Pete Alonso but for everyone else it is pretty boring TV.   Give me a crisp two hour 2-1 baseball game every time.

But we’re coming back to normal.    The Mets are back.  MATT HARVEY is back!   Now we just have to get rid of the black uniforms AGAIN.  Sigh…..