SHAME: @MLB Beat reporter Anthony DiComo spoiled the @Mets final for fans

I’m going to war over this this year.

As more and more fans cut the cord, twitter is going to need to install a “delay all tweets” feature so that fans aren’t bombed by spoilers.  My prediction is that it will be Thursday Night Football moving to Amazon that will force the hand,.

But baseball I have a bone to pick with you.  Tonight, your beat reporter Anthony DiComo tweeted the final result of the Mets game AHEAD of the telecast.  The game ended with Pete Alonso flying out pretty deep.  It was a fun moment for those of who were not spoiled, but for some reason DiComo felt the need to IMMEDIATELY post his final score.

So let me ask you and Anthony this….

Who is the audience for his tweet?

Is it for Mets fans who don’t watch Mets games but need to have instant finals?  These people that don’t watch Mets games can’t wait twenty seconds to get a result?

I don’t follow Anthony for this very reason.  You should scold him.  I encourage fans to pass this post around to publicly shame him until he stops.