Matt Harvey pitched the Orioles home opener! How did he do? You’ll look!

It was Opening Day at Camden Yards and Orioles fans were psyched to see their new #2 starter Matt Harvey.  The Orioles have convinced themselves that Matt is a serviceable major leaguer, whereas I have warned them that Matt’s stuff will not translate in Baltimore.   Which of us is right?  Let’s take a look.

There’s one away in the first and UH OH it’s one of those pesky doubles.

Now that’s not good, because Matt is not good with runners on base.  Will he melt down?

UH OH that looks pretty hittable…


And here’s a pose that Reds, Angels and Royals fans know well.  The people of Baltimore will be very familiar with it soon.

It’s to the track, to the wall, it’s 15 rows deep, it’s outta here!

Is Matt looking sad here or focused?

I am sure he will settle in and….UH OH…that’s gonna be a double down the line

That’s the third XBH of the inning and here’s the look of a man who realizes the magic beans are running out.

Matt walked the next batter (I think, I hate not doing these live) and then was approached by a mysterious man in a mask.  What does the mysterious man in the mask want?

It’s 3 and 2 and Matt gets this call.  Look at where this ball is.  Matt gets very lucky here.  Inning over.

On to the second and TDK is back baby.  Three ground ball outs for a 1-2-3 inning.

Let’s check in with Melanie Newman, which is Baltimore for Gelbs.

Keith, talk to Buchwald and get Melanie on SNY.   Anyway, I digress….but thats ok because is making me sit through four commercials (ARE YOU KIDDING ME) so I have time.

In the third Matt gives up a single then a double, but somehow JD Martinez does not score on the double (booooo) and here’s the look of a man thinking “oh shoot they are going to find out the truth aren’t they?”

But Matt gets out of it, and he’s only given up two runs so you think he’s pitching OK unless you have actually watched the game.

The Real Deal follows that up with a 1-2-3 fourth AND a 1-2-3 fifth.  The Dark Knight is back baby!

Are the Orioles smart enough to get him out of there?  No!  No they are not!

Matt gives up two straight singles to start the 6th and it’s time for our old friend the Matt Harvey Walks To The Dugout shot.

The Orioles save me some typing with this snazzy summary.

That doesn’t look too bad except for those pesky runners WHICH BOTH SCORE.   So it’s a 5 inning 4 run start Orioles fans.  SEEEEEEEE.

And for Matt Harvey, THAT’S A LOSS and suddenly he is 0-1 with a 5.59 ERA.  Sure those clean innings look nice, but the other innings are a mess.  And Orioles fans, that’s the Matt Harvey experience I told you about.

I scrolled twitter and the Orioles Fools seem to be tweeting that this was a good outing and that MH deserved better.  Hey guys, how do you think the two on none out got there in the first place?