The One True Ace, Jacob deGrom

2018 and deGrom still not center in Mets photos

Well, all anyone is talking about is Jacob deGrom as they should.  He, not Matt Harvey, not Noah Syndergaard, not whoever else they threw in the mix – Jacob deGrom is the One True Ace.

Long time readers know I have been sing the phrase One True Ace for years and years, even when he wasn’t the one everyone had their eyes on.

He’s been amazing again this year, pretty pretty good last year, and of course two CYAs before that.

Meanwhile, he’s what old guys like me want in a player.  Does his thing, does it well, and you never hear from him.  I am not worried that deGrom went out for burritos last night and will need to be woken up by security.  He isn’t going to try to change Let’s Go Mets or have the Mets wear stupid colors.  He just goes about his thing.

And as much as I give everyone major grief for throwing the Seaver word around…and still tap the brakes on that…I do have to tip my blue cap to him for having a lower ERA than Seaver’s Mets years given the eras in which they pitched.   That is mighty impressive.

He will have a weirdly low win total when all is said and done, but today’s baseball isn’t 1972’s baseball, is it?

Oh and that time of game last night?  What was it – like two twenty something?  Fantastic. This is what baseball needs…its STARS in the game (a complete game? in 2020???) and the game moving along.

I’m still concerned, as is my nature, about that extra day off.  Obviously he was A+ last night, but that day off is still weird to me.  That and all these 100mph pitches, including throwing that in Spring.  Weird.

Annnnd…….and this is not at all me saying this…….but did you catch Gary throwing some shade?  Gary called the increase in speed – I think the word he used was – unexplainable.  It almost sounded like….nah…..I hope not….that would be awful!

Now tell me Captain Picard, how many Aces do you see?

Now tell me Picard. How many aces do you see?